Important Resources

Cooperative Extension Goat Page
Cornell Goat Program
Maryland Small Ruminant Page
Onion Creek Ranch
Fias Co Farm
Langston University Goat Research (home of the nutrient calculator)
The Biology of the Goat
Feedipedia: Animal feed resources information system
Caprice Acres (excellent links & biosecurity info)
The Goat Chick (lots of good info & diagrams)
The Adventures of Noodleville (an informative blog by a fantastic wordsmith)
DHI Record Plan info
Top 10 Misconceptions About American Nubians

Critical Goat Diseases

Please, please, please familiarize yourself with the major diseases of goats. Do it for yourself, because dealing with these diseases can be financially and emotionally devastating. Do it for the goats, because their lives are in your hands!

Johne's FAQs
TVMDL FAQs on G6S Testing

Parasite Management Information

This is one of the most CRITICAL pieces in caring for goats. Parasite management is constantly evolving and definitely an area that needs to be studied by any goat-keeper.

American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control
University of Maryland 5 Point Check for Parasites
The Northern New York Agricultural Development Program Parasite Control Project
ATTRA Tools for Managing Internal Parasites: Pasture Managment
ATTRA Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep and Goats
ATTRA Management of Barber Pole Worm
ATTRA Coccidiosis: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Kidding resources

There is tons of information out there, please do as much research and preparation as you possibly can before kidding time comes! These links do not necessarily represent our processes, but they can definitely serve as excellent resources.

Getting Ready for Lambing/Kidding- late gestation
Goat Kidding 101
Mythos Farm Kidding and Malpresentation
Kidding Supplies
Onion Creek Kidding Prep & Supply List
Fiasco Farm- Kidding
Kinne- Solving the Mysteries of Obstetrics
Kidding Positions and How to Assist (Kidding presentation diagrams)
Better Hens & Gardens Preparing for Goat Kidding

Associations and Classifieds

Central New York Dairy Goat Society
New York State Dairy Goat Breeders Association
American Dairy Goat Association
International Nubian Breeders Association
Goatzz Goats For Sale
Cornell Sheep and Goat Marketing


PBS Animal Health Supplies
Valley Vet Supply
Caprine Supply
Premier 1
Hamby Dairy Supply
Parts Dept: Dairy Equipment & Supplies
Bob White Systems

Products We Love

Easy Keeper Goat Management Software
Premier1 Prima Heat Lamp (The safest heat lamp there is and the only one we allow in our barn)
North Star Goat Cart & Fitting Stand
Hoof Boss
Perry's Milkers
Riverwind Surveillance Supply

Non-Goat Things We Love

Coffee Cup Software


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