Our bucks are G6S normal, by testing or parentage, and CAE/CL/Johnes/Brucellosis negative.

Buck Service:

We do offer 'driveway breeding' at our discretion IF proof is provided of CAE-negative status and there is no history of CL. The health of our herd is our absolute first priority. We do not lease our bucks and we will not board does. We will re-breed within the season if the first breeding is not successful. Please contact us for additional information and prices.

Silverwood Haydn ("Haydn") Purebred Nubian

DOB: 5-15-12

Cole Fyr Lend Me Your Ear ("Lenny") American Nubian

DOB: 5-10-13

Dairy Garden Mr. Pringles ("Mr. Pringles") Purebred Nubian

DOB: 4-16-14

Cole Fyr LME Dark Knight ("Thunder") (American Nubian)

DOB: 4-20-15

Cole Fyr Quicksilver ("Smoke") (American Nubian)

DOB: 5-5-17

Cole Fyr Clyde ("Clyde") (Purebred Nubian)

DOB: 5-12-17

Cole Fyr Magic Jack American Nubian (reference only)

Fool On The Hill JN* Erie Mule X Painted Goat Fiery Magic

DOB: 4-18-11

Jack's 'baby pictures'

Painted Goat Fiery Magic American Nubian (reference only)

DOB: 4-15-08