Supplies For Sale

Due to upcoming lifestyle changes, we are selling our soap making supplies and select goat-related supplies

Pricing will be upcoming, discounts for multiple items will be available and offers are welcome.


Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

Source Name Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil Approximate Volume Remaining
Majestic Mountain Sage Lemongrass Essential Oil 5oz
Majestic Mountain Sage Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil <1oz
Majestic Mountain Sage Lilac Fragrance Oil 2.5oz
Majestic Mountain Sage White Sage Fragrance Oil 12.5oz
BrambleBerry Oakmoss Fragrance Oil 3oz
BrambleBerry Santa's Spruce Fragrance Oil 8oz
BrambleBerry Lime Distilled Essential Oil 15oz
BrambleBerry Fir Needle Essential Oil 12oz
BrambleBerry Tea Tree Essential Oil 7.5oz
BrambleBerry Lavender 40/42 Blend Essential Oil 3.5oz
BrambleBerry Peppermint 2nd Distill Essential Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Spearmint Essential Oil 1.7oz
BrambleBerry Cedarwood Essential Oil 2oz
BrambleBerry Warm Vanilla Sugar Cybilla Fragrance Oil 2oz
BrambleBerry Cranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Fierce Type Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Made to Measure Type Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Cold Water Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Kentish Rain Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Drakkar Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Salty Mariner Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Shave and a Haircut Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Daisy Chain Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Baby's Breath Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Cucumber Melon Cybilla Fragrance Oil 1oz
BrambleBerry Sandalwood Essential Oil 2ml
Sweet Cakes Sapmoss (Aveda Type) Fragrance Oil 3oz
Wellington Fragrance Rose Fragrance Oil 15oz
Soaper's Resource Dalmation Sage (Hungary) Essential Oil 8oz
Soaper's Resource Dark Patchouli (Indonesia) Essential Oil 8oz

Milk, milk and more milk!

We have a whole chest freezer full of frozen goat milk! This milk was intended for use in soap making and was not handled with the intent for human consumption. We will NOT sell this milk for human consumption. We WILL happily sell this milk for use in crafts or to feed four-legged babies, pigs or chickens.

Our herd has always been negative for CAE, CL, Johnes, and Brucellosis.




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Colorants and additives

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