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We maintain a small herd of healthy, happy Nubian goats who are tested annually for CAE, Johnes and Brucellosis. Our adult goats have been tested and we have established that none of our present goats has CL, so we only test as part of quarantine on a new animal, or should we feel a need. All of our goats are G6S normal by testing or parentage.

Currently we are dam-raising our kids. From the health aspect, we are familiar with the origin of each of our goats and know that CAE is not an issue for us. Time wise, this is a necessity for us and we have been able to accomplish this while still raising very friendly kids who are easy to handle (and difficult to get out of your way ;)). Because of this we milk once daily and are unable to quantify milk production with any accuracy. We have been trying to add in occasional bottle-feeding with some of our kids in order to familiarize the kids with the bottle and enable us to sell kids at an earlier age. This may also help us work towards a possible goal of showing some of our goats and putting our herd on milk test.

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Thinking about getting goats? Take a look at our Care Sheet that we send home with all of our goats for some basic info.