Welcome to our humble online home! We have been fortunate to spend some time and a lot of love with a number of amazing goats. We are fortunate to have met some incredible people along the way, as well.

While our time with goats may have come to an end, we will be keeping the site available for some time as a reference and resource.

Our dairy herd consisted of ADGA registered American & Purebred Nubian goats who were all G6S normal by testing or by parentage. The health and safety of our goats is of paramount concern to us, so we maintain a disease-free herd. Our herd is tested annually for CAE, Johnes and Brucellosis and we follow strict quarantine procedures for any incoming stock. We do not test for Tuberculosis as New York State has been declared Tuberculosis-free and we no longer test for CL annually as we have established that none of our current goats has CL. We do test as part of quarantine or should we feel the need.

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